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Our Privacy Policy takes the privacy of personal data very seriously. We are aware of the sensitivity of personal information and therefore we treat your personal data with confidentiality. We follow all rules relating to the legal data protection and protecting your data is our main priority.

Boost Fans Online

Our company keeps personal information from our customers for four main reasons:

For Membership

Registering with us means that you are part of our family. To give you the best service we store your username, phone number, company information and email address for use in the future in case you would like a similar or different service from us.

Business analysis

We can use your data to determine the number of customers we have worked with for company structural purposes. This may include surveys, business plans or restructuring. Note that your personal information is never shared with third parties, we only use it for internal purposes and comparison with our partners.


We can use your information to inform you about new products in our company, changes in the business model or discounts

Additional information

We may need additional information from you and therefore we can contact you using the information we have from you. In case of errors during service, we can also contact you.


All the payments in are automated therefore our customers can either use a credit card or online money transfer forms.

Credit Card

We have automated our systems to allow either MasterCard or VISA.

Money transfer

All our customers can use online payment systems such as Western Union, PayPal, Skrill or PayTR.

our services

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Cookies enable our company to know you when you visit our website again. Note that cookies are very safe and do not damage your computer. Cookies also enable us to know your favorite areas in our website that you are interested most, therefore, enabling us to offer better services

Cases when your information can be shared

Note that there are circumstances where we may have no control over your data. The circumstances include the request for customer information by the government. Information can also be shared in cases of lawful liabilities. In such a case the court may request the company data. The final case is in a case where we do it to protect customer data security.

Security information

Our company works hard to ensure that there is no access to unauthorized data. To ensure that your information is safe we have encrypted our website. We have also are in collaboration with the best online security providers to reduce the chances of unauthorized access through hacking or any other form of a security breach. We also restrict the use of personal information to employees only.